Registration of Ghanaian Citizens

The registration of Ghanaians is encouraged because it, among others:

  • Brings the community to the attention of the Embassy
  • Ensures easy identification and possible assistance to the Ghanaian 
  • Enables government to be aware of its citizens abroad and factor it into its development agenda

The registration of Ghanaians is free and can be done during working days from 10hrs to 14hrs. Registration forms can be filled online. Should you download the Registration Form, please complete it and email to

Ghanaians who are resident abroad should at the earliest opportunity register their names and addresses at the nearest Diplomatic Mission or Consulate of Ghana. Failure to do so may in a period of emergency result in difficulty or delay in according them the assistance and protection of which they are entitled. Changes of address or departure from the country should also be notified to the Mission or Consulate (Ref: First Page of Ghana Passport) .

Ghanaian Community organisations may wish to add links of their websites to the Ghanaian Community section of the website.   

Other Consular Information


The Consular Section is also available to provide assistance in the form of advice to both Ghanaians and non- Ghanaians alike on questions concerning immigration and migration issues on Ghana. Information on specific consular matter can be sent by mail to for a response.

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