Government of Ghana

The government of Ghana formed after independence in 1957 has seen many iterations to adapt to the contextual needs of an emerging sub-saharan African nation. There are 3 main branches of government which include the Executive led by the President and Head of State, the Legislature which is led by the Speaker of Parliament and the Judiciary which has the Chief Justice as its head.

Ghana boasts of a thriving multi-party democracy since 1992 and we continue to make great strides in improving the standard of living of our people through the proper implementation of the rule of law and the maintenance of adequate institutional checks and balances to ensure a free and fair society for both nationals and foreign nationals living and working in Ghana.

While some developing countries around the world are suffering from political instability, Ghana is rated as one of the most stable and peaceful democratic nations in Africa. At the international level, Ghana has recorded an excellent reputational mark of 83% democratic freedom index in 2018, for having demonstrated a prestigious history of peaceful political transitions and democratic constitution that guarantees free and fair elections, the rights of minorities, freedom of the press, and fairness before the rule of law. Religious freedom is constitutionally protected, and the government strongly upholds these protections in practice.

Under the constitution and 2003 labor laws, workers have the right to form and join trade unions. Per the legal framework, NGOs are equally permitted to operate freely and play significant roles in ensuring government accountability and transparency.

Base on a transparent democracy and effective legislature to panacea investment policy defects, Ghana is now considered to be one of the world’s most attractive markets for Foreign Direct Investment. There has never been a better time to join Ghana on its path towards freedom, economic growth and prosperity.

To that we say, Akwaaba!

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