Putin’s Executive Order Concerning Foreign Nationals in Russia

Vladimir Putin signed Executive Order on Measures to Regulate the Legal Status of Foreign Nationals and Stateless Persons in Connection with the Threat of the Further Spread of the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19).

The Executive Order regulates the legal status of foreign nationals and stateless persons with the aim of preventing the further spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

In accordance with the Executive Order, the period from March 15 until June 15, inclusive, shall not be included in the period of temporary stay or temporary or permanent residence in Russia for foreign nationals and stateless persons, or in their registration period if it expires in the specified period.

This provision also applies to the time limit set for leaving Russia voluntarily by foreign nationals and stateless persons who are subject to administrative expulsion from Russia’s territory, deportation or extradition. This also applies to certain documents that expire during the specified period, such as temporary residence permit, residence permit, migration card, refugee certificate, work permit, license, and others.

From March 15 until June 15, inclusive, employers have the right to engage or hire foreign nationals and stateless persons who have no work permit or license, provided that employers observe the set restrictions and sanitary and epidemiological measures.

During this period, no decisions shall be taken concerning foreign nationals and stateless persons as regards undesirability of their stay, administrative expulsion from Russia, deportation or extradition, depriving them of the refugee status and temporary refuge, visa cancellation, work permits, licenses, resident permits, and others.

Source: www.en.kremlin.ru/acts/news/63216