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Ghana is and has always been a special Africa – a different Africa. Known for the hospitality and friendliness of the people, Ghana is an obvious first port of call, especially for first time travelers to the African continent and is a pleasant destination for travelers with children. Ghana is one of the few English speaking countries in the region.

Visitors to Ghana leave dazzled by the history, culinary delights, and the natural beauty, which envelopes you wherever you go. A little known fact is that there are miles and miles of sun-drenched unspoilt beaches all along the coastal shores of Ghana as well as national parks which boast of unique flora, fauna.

Fun facts about Ghana

  • Ghana is the closest country to 0 degrees Latitude, 0 degrees Longitude which technically makes it the closest country to the centre of the earth. The prime meridian line passes through Tema in the Greater Accra Region.

  • The Accra Sports Stadium in Accra along with other stadia in Ghana hosted the AFCON (African Cup of Nations) in 2008.

  • The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, a memorial park dedicated to Ghana’s first prime minister and president is located in Accra central.

  • Ghana is home to historic slave castles such as the Elmina Castle and Cape Coast castle that help trace the journey of slaves taken during the transatlantic slave trade. A foundational part of Dutch history in Africa.

  • Ghana is home to many endangered species that can only be found in Ghana such as the Papilio Antimachus butterfly, Procolobus versus (or Olive Monkey) along with many others.

Whatever your interest, Ghana has something for everyone!

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